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St. Louis and Spray Foam, a match made for years to come

1 Sep 2016 | Under Roofing, SPF Insulation | Posted by | 0 Comments

St. Louis, we love you. From your Fitz’s Root Beer to this Bud’s for you, from ice skating at Forest Park to the tip-top of the Arch, there’s no question we kinda have this thing for St. Louis. You know who also loves ‘the Lou’? Spray foam, and it’s undeniable. Whether it’s a truck fueling […]

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You won’t believe what Spray Foam can do!

18 Aug 2016 | Under SPF Insulation | Posted by | 0 Comments
R&A Contracting - Spray Foam St. Louis

Building owners across the U.S. are raving about spray foam for their roofs. You may wonder, “It’s spray foam- how fantastic could it possibly be?!” Prepare to be wowed! Spray foam is delivered in liquid format contained in large drums that are transported to the jobsite. The drums contain two separate chemical elements: isocyanate, a type of polyurethane, and […]

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What you need to know about FOAM-LOK from Lapolla Industries

22 Jul 2016 | Under SPF Insulation | Posted by | 0 Comments
R&A Contracting - Thermo-Flex Lapolla

Why does R&A Contracting use FOAM-LOK Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) from Lapolla Industries? There’s no shortage of commercial roofing suppliers available today. With the easy access of online ordering from wholesale material suppliers, our R&A Contracting team could purchase from virtually anywhere in the U.S. and beyond with one click of the mouse. So, why […]

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How does a reflective roof coating make a commercial roof “cool”?

27 Jun 2016 | Under Energy Efficiency, Roofing, SPF Insulation | Posted by | 0 Comments
What is a cool roof solution? - R&A Contracting

Is your building’s roof a “cool” roof? What does having a “cool” roof even mean? July is just around the corner and it’s heating up across the Lou. A busy business owner doesn’t have time to dip their toes in the local pool. There’s work to be done, clients to meet, and money to be made […]

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How does SPF roofing hold up to tornado winds?

31 May 2016 | Under Roofing, SPF Insulation | Posted by | 0 Comments
R&A Contracting - Tornado SPF roofing

Memorial Day kickstarted tornado season across the Midwest and this year looks to be a doozy! Initial reports of a below-average numbers of tornadoes due to lingering El Niño weather gave way to a surge of cyclone activity in May. An average of 1,253 tornadoes touch down in the U.S. every year, 45 of which […]

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How does SPF roofing help keep my office cool?

24 May 2016 | Under Energy Efficiency, SPF Insulation | Posted by | 0 Comments
R&A Contracting - Thermo-Flex Lapolla

It’s late May but that doesn’t mean the temperatures say it’s still spring. Memorial Day in St. Louis can flirt with triple digits in the mercury and office staff and business owners begin to wonder if they’ll survive the summer. Now’s the time you wish you installed a new SPF cool roofing solution last fall! SPF roof uses closed-cell […]

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Why is education important to SPF roofing?

17 May 2016 | Under Information, SPF Insulation | Posted by | 0 Comments
RA Contracting - SPF roofing education

“I have a question about SPF roofing!” Why do we blog, tweet, share, and initiate great educational content for our customer base? Because knowing what SPF roofing is and why it’s important is crucial to our success and your satisfaction! Benefits of SPF roofing education Educating our customer base provides five key benefits we value: […]

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Understanding air flow and heat transfer with SPF insulation

31 Mar 2016 | Under SPF Insulation | Posted by | 0 Comments

Think about the last time the door slammed shut when no one else was around. It probably made you jump a bit, right?! No, it wasn’t ghosts, just the wind or air letting you it’s still a force of energy to respect. There are other elements of energy that are more subtle but still important […]

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How Spray Foam reinforces energy efficiency of commercial building envelope

23 Mar 2016 | Under SPF Insulation | Posted by | 0 Comments
R&A Contracting - Thermo-Flex acrylic coating

What’s a building? That may seem like a question for Captain Obvious, but not just anyone can build a stable, weather-insulated building. It’s important to know the fundamentals of building physics in terms of the structural demands of four or more walls, a foundation, and a roof. As material quality improved over time, from caves to […]

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What you need to know about R-Value and commercial roofing

16 Mar 2016 | Under SPF Insulation | Posted by | 0 Comments

Did you know that the R-Value of a commercial roofing solution is dependent on how correctly it’s applied? Commercial roofing insulation is designed to be installed in contact with air barriers on all six sides. If there are gaps or voids in the insulation, the R-Value is functioning at only a fraction of its R-Value […]

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I’d be an idiot if I did not take this opportunity to communicate to you how much we appreciate the way in which you conduct business and take care of our facility. In my experience you, and your team, are at the top of the list of all the roofing companies I’ve dealt with over the years. Thank you!

Jim Lowry - Bissinger's Handcrafted Chocolatier

Eric and crew were really nice to have around. They were courteous, careful and caused little if any disruption. Their work looks good too! To be honest… a good experience with a product that I initially had misgivings about. I’m a convert because of Bubba, Sam and Eric. Thank you.

Jim Lowry - Bissinger's Handcrafted Chocolatier

“I want to thank the crew at R&A for a job well done on our very leaky roof at the shop. It is certainly nice to have the drips and rivers gone from the shop when it is raining. I also wanted you to know how much we appreciated that the guys were able to stay out of our way and allowed us to do business as usual without any problems or interruptions. The roof looks great and the clean-up after the job made it so we couldn’t even tell you’d been here. Thanks for doing what you do so well!”

Jay Moore, President of Safe Way Tire and Auto Center

“My wife and I were on vacation when water pipes burst in our house. We got a hold of Craig and the R&A crew was able to start evacuating the water immediately. The best part was that they were able to start work before we even returned home. It was a very fast turnaround considering the extensive amount of water damage.”

Will from Dardenne Prairie, MO

“Craig and Mike came out in a timely fashion when we needed the work done. They did a reliable and quality job.”

Jerry from SLR Properties

“Craig helped us out tremendously with the insurance process. Timely and very professional.”

Lindell from Greater Missouri Builders (GMB)

“We purchased a house and there was some damage to the roof. Very impressed with the thoroughness of Mike’s inspection. Very comfortable with their explanation of what needed to be fixed. Most impressive was the way they protected our landscaping. Really liked the way they treated me as a valued customer, even though it was only a small project.”

Ross from Troy, MO

“I use R&A Contracting when my commercial roofs receive storm damage. They work on our behalf through every step of the insurance claim process. They perform all of the work and complete the insurance process, making our roofs better than they were before the storm.”

Director of Facilities for a large Property Management Company

“The team at R & A Contracting responded immediately when notified of our water disaster. They removed water-damaged materials and property quickly and restored our home even before the final settlement from our insurance company. They minimized how long our family had to live in a hotel and got us back to normal as fast as possible.”

Will from O'Fallon, MO