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R&A Contracting - ponding water commercial roof St. Louis

Standing water on a roof… not good.

If you have a flat commercial roof, chances are you’ve noticed water hanging around after a storm. A little water that evaporates in a few hours is fine, but standing water on a flat roof is trouble waiting to happen. What you may not know is how bad standing water, or “ponding,” is for your commercial roof.

Some dead-level roofs are poorly designed with no slope at all. This can create low points for ponding and improper draining. Ponding water is one of the most common causes of water leakage inside buildings, including homes. Failure to provide slope for dead-level (“flat”) roofing is an invitation for ponding. Many roofing material manufacturer warranties do not cover ponding water.

Ponding water also absorbs UV rays from the sun that can affect asphalt-based modified roofs and BURs. The heat indexing effect compounded by water can deteriorate these roofs and create significant long-term damage. In fact, asphalt roofing is one of the worst roofing solutions against ponding water because of panel design.

If you’re fixing a dead-level roof with ponding issues, you may want to consider installing dating apps besides tinder) or tapered insulation to redirect water flow. Now is the time to plan for solving ponding problems before the spring rains hit St. Louis. Our R&A Contracting team provides complimentary on-site roof inspections to identify and address roofing issues.

At R&A Contracting we also value the cost of repair versus replacement. If there is a cost-efficient solution that safely and effectively solves ponding, we would rather help you install the solution than simply say you need a new roof. Installing a new roof is expensive and unnecessary if a proven solution can preserve your roof for years to come.

You may have questions or concerns about your flat roof and potential ponding. We’d love to help you find the right answers. Contact our team to start a conversation today!

I’d be an idiot if I did not take this opportunity to communicate to you how much we appreciate the way in which you conduct business and take care of our facility. In my experience you, and your team, are at the top of the list of all the roofing companies I’ve dealt with over the years. Thank you!

Jim Lowry - Bissinger's Handcrafted Chocolatier

Eric and crew were really nice to have around. They were courteous, careful and caused little if any disruption. Their work looks good too! To be honest… a good experience with a product that I initially had misgivings about. I’m a convert because of Bubba, Sam and Eric. Thank you.

Jim Lowry - Bissinger's Handcrafted Chocolatier

“I want to thank the crew at R&A for a job well done on our very leaky roof at the shop. It is certainly nice to have the drips and rivers gone from the shop when it is raining. I also wanted you to know how much we appreciated that the guys were able to stay out of our way and allowed us to do business as usual without any problems or interruptions. The roof looks great and the clean-up after the job made it so we couldn’t even tell you’d been here. Thanks for doing what you do so well!”

Jay Moore, President of Safe Way Tire and Auto Center

“My wife and I were on vacation when water pipes burst in our house. We got a hold of Craig and the R&A crew was able to start evacuating the water immediately. The best part was that they were able to start work before we even returned home. It was a very fast turnaround considering the extensive amount of water damage.”

Will from Dardenne Prairie, MO

“Craig and Mike came out in a timely fashion when we needed the work done. They did a reliable and quality job.”

Jerry from SLR Properties

“Craig helped us out tremendously with the insurance process. Timely and very professional.”

Lindell from Greater Missouri Builders (GMB)

“We purchased a house and there was some damage to the roof. Very impressed with the thoroughness of Mike’s inspection. Very comfortable with their explanation of what needed to be fixed. Most impressive was the way they protected our landscaping. Really liked the way they treated me as a valued customer, even though it was only a small project.”

Ross from Troy, MO

“I use R&A Contracting when my commercial roofs receive storm damage. They work on our behalf through every step of the insurance claim process. They perform all of the work and complete the insurance process, making our roofs better than they were before the storm.”

Director of Facilities for a large Property Management Company

“The team at R & A Contracting responded immediately when notified of our water disaster. They removed water-damaged materials and property quickly and restored our home even before the final settlement from our insurance company. They minimized how long our family had to live in a hotel and got us back to normal as fast as possible.”

Will from O'Fallon, MO