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Business owners and facility managers have a lot on their plate. Keeping the business running and the building in tip-top shape can feel like a round-the-clock job.

If your building has a metal roof and the roof is leaking or seems to be in constant need of repeated repair, these headaches cannot only be tough on your budget, they can also lead to strain on your already precious time.

Roof leaks or other issues can be tracked down with some basic rules of thumb, but it can take a keen eye and some specialized knowledge to know whether it is a better bet to repair your roof or bite the bullet and go for a roof replacement.

To replace or not to replace, and that is the question. It is a question many folks responsible for the well-being of commercial buildings wrestle with all too frequently. This is a big decision, and a savvy building owner or property manager will take many things into consideration in order to make the right call.

Know Your Future Goals

Changes in roofing technology and tactics may have progressed quite a bit since your current roof was installed. Modern roofing options can have a tremendous impact on a building’s level of energy efficiency. If increasing energy efficiency and reducing your organization’s environmental impact is a top priority you will want to explore roofing options that lead to increased energy efficiency.

To Recover or Not to Recover

A severely damaged roof creates a pair of perplexing problems for anyone who has the responsibility of maintaining a building. You may find yourself continually preoccupied, worrying about potential problems like water damage due to the flaws in the roof. You may also find yourself debating if it is worth bucking up for a new roof or if you can get by with another round of repairs.

you have got to know where your roof stands before you can truly start to accurately assess your options. You need to have a full and complete understanding of the current state of your roof and its flaws.

Is great for building owners or property managers to be on top of the health of their roof. However, just because your roof has signs of damage does not mean the sky is falling and it is time rush out and get a new roof.

Instead, the best approach is to take a deep breath and assess the situation with a bit of patience and diligence. Statistics show the typical lifespan for a metal roof ranges somewhere between 30 to 45 years.

30 to 45 years is certainly a reassuring range, but there are a few caveats to this statistic. Proper maintenance is a must to get this type of longevity out of any metal roof. The lifespan of a metal roof will fluctuate depending upon the type of metal from which the roof is made.

When it comes to flat metal roofs, leaks are simply an almost inescapable fact of life. As we mentioned in our previous blog, metal roofs tend to leak because there is a very minimal pitch to the roof.

Many business owners or facility managers choose to go with a metal roof knowing full well there is a high probability of the roof developing a leak. They typically arrive at this decision because metal roofs are much cheaper to install. They are happy to save money up front, even if it means they will be forking out some bucks down the road to fix leaks.

We Can Help Where Other Commercial Roofing Contractors Fail

Our products can be applied and ready to go on the same day. Not only do you avoid the expense of a repair or a new roof, our products are so efficient that there is almost no added strain on the day-to-day activities of your business.

Our coating products can be used to repair a metal roof as long as we are able to get a man on the roof to apply the coating. There may be a need for some metal patchwork to replace the severely damaged sections, or we may have to get creative with the placement of skylights. With our unique products and highly skilled roofers, we are able to repair severely damaged roofs when other contractors may say a new roof is the only viable option.

Signs Your Commercial Roof May Have Structural Damage

Roofs with irreparable structural damage are typically the only instances where we will recommend a full roof replacement over a repair. A replacement is obviously the most costly option, but sometimes it simply cannot be avoided. Please note: If you suspect your roof has structural damage do not climb on top of the roof. For your safety, please consult a roofing professional if you have any doubt about your roof’s structural integrity.

The Lion’s share of problems with mental roofs comes from water damage. Water can lead to pitting or rust issues.

Here are some basic warning signs your roof may be the victim of structural damage.

  • Low or sagging portions of the roof visible from ground level.
  • Large areas of wet or moist insulation.
  • Condensation inside the building.
  • Mold growth inside the building.
  • The roof is missing several fasteners.

Tax Incentives for Commercial Roofs

If the price is where your thoughts about a new roof get derailed, there are a few options for helping business owners offset the cost of a new roof.

Thanks to President Trump’s Tax Cut and Jobs Act, there are now a handful of powerful tax incentives designed to help small business owners invest in capital, grow their business, and in turn, provide a boost to the economy.

Section 179 allows business owners to deduct up to $1 million in expenses related to capital assets.In the case of a new roof, a business owner would be able to deduct the cost of the roof when it is installed. No longer are business owners required to slowly take advantage of depreciation deductions incrementally. These tax law changes also apply to modifications or repairs made to existing roofs.

Check out our blog on tax incentives for more on section 179 and other tax incentives

Incentives for Energy-Efficient Commercial Roofing

Our polyurethane foam and liquid rubber coatings are both extremely energy efficient roof coverings that incorporate cool roof technology. Both of these coatings form extremely dense outer shells on the surface of the roof. Their density ensures neither surface will allow air to flow through it.

This is good news for a property manager or building owner. When ambient air stays inside the building and air from the outdoor environment is kept out the HVAC system has a much easier time maintaining a desired temperature inside the building.

Reducing the amount of air that enters and escapes the building also drastically cuts down on the amount of condensation gathering on the underside of the roof. Condensation can lead to huge problems for your roof as well as other components inside the building.

The Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) initiative is a popular economic development program in many states. In Missouri, the program is headed by the Missouri Department of Economic Development Division of Energy.

The PACE initiative offers low-cost funding alternatives for business owners looking to make improvements to their building’s level of energy efficiency. In most cases, the pace program will cover 100% of the funding needed for the project.

The building owner repays the loan as an assessment of the property tax due at the end of the year. If the building is sold the loan is transferable to the new ownership. Another great feature is the loan is ‘off the books’. It does not show up on items like credit checks or other financial reports.

Often times, the energy savings from the renovations more than offset the initial expense of performing the improvements. The PACE program covers a tremendous amount of potential energy-efficient renovations. As you might imagine, improvements to roofs are covered under PACE.

Check out this short video for more details on the Show Me Pace program.

How Cool Roofs Save Cold Hard Cash

Cool roof technology works exactly as it sounds. When the surface of a conventional roof warms through exposure to solar radiation the heat is absorbed through the roof and into the attic where it warms the entire interior of the building.

Cool roofs reflect substantial amounts of the sun’s rays. As a result, heat from solar radiation is not absorbed into the roof and passed through to the interior of the building.

Better Together

In our opinion, SPF foam and liquid rubber are the commercial roofing equivalent of chocolate and peanut butter. They are each good on their own, but together they are nearly an unbeatable combination. Each of these coverings is extremely energy-efficient, resilient, and virtually maintenance-free. When you couple spray foam with liquid rubber, you wind up with one of the absolute best roof coverings money can buy. The liquid rubber acts as an external shield giving the roof even more durability when it is layered on top of spray foam.

Spray foam is an incredible insulator. Spray foam applied to the base of the roof makes it nearly impossible for air to penetrate the roof or escape from inside the building. When you use these phenomenal materials in tandem you create a roof that is nearly impervious to environmental damage while being extraordinarily energy efficient.

We believe there is simply no better approach if you’re looking to save money on roof repairs and energy efficiency.

Need Help to Make the Right Call? Ask R&A Contracting.

It can be tempting to fixate on simply repairing a roof to avoid the expense of a full replacement. However, repairing a roof which is ultimately in need of replacement is a penny wise and pound foolish endeavor.

Our roofing experts have seen it all. We can help you navigate this tricky situation. We can also help you establish which energy efficient options are best for your business.

Don’t hope your roof will make it through one more season. Give us a call today and rest easy with the peace of mind of knowing your roof is up to the challenge of protecting your building.

I’d be an idiot if I did not take this opportunity to communicate to you how much we appreciate the way in which you conduct business and take care of our facility. In my experience you, and your team, are at the top of the list of all the roofing companies I’ve dealt with over the years. Thank you!

Jim Lowry - Bissinger's Handcrafted Chocolatier

Eric and crew were really nice to have around. They were courteous, careful and caused little if any disruption. Their work looks good too! To be honest… a good experience with a product that I initially had misgivings about. I’m a convert because of Bubba, Sam and Eric. Thank you.

Jim Lowry - Bissinger's Handcrafted Chocolatier

“I want to thank the crew at R&A for a job well done on our very leaky roof at the shop. It is certainly nice to have the drips and rivers gone from the shop when it is raining. I also wanted you to know how much we appreciated that the guys were able to stay out of our way and allowed us to do business as usual without any problems or interruptions. The roof looks great and the clean-up after the job made it so we couldn’t even tell you’d been here. Thanks for doing what you do so well!”

Jay Moore, President of Safe Way Tire and Auto Center

“My wife and I were on vacation when water pipes burst in our house. We got a hold of Craig and the R&A crew was able to start evacuating the water immediately. The best part was that they were able to start work before we even returned home. It was a very fast turnaround considering the extensive amount of water damage.”

Will from Dardenne Prairie, MO

“Craig and Mike came out in a timely fashion when we needed the work done. They did a reliable and quality job.”

Jerry from SLR Properties

“Craig helped us out tremendously with the insurance process. Timely and very professional.”

Lindell from Greater Missouri Builders (GMB)

“We purchased a house and there was some damage to the roof. Very impressed with the thoroughness of Mike’s inspection. Very comfortable with their explanation of what needed to be fixed. Most impressive was the way they protected our landscaping. Really liked the way they treated me as a valued customer, even though it was only a small project.”

Ross from Troy, MO

“I use R&A Contracting when my commercial roofs receive storm damage. They work on our behalf through every step of the insurance claim process. They perform all of the work and complete the insurance process, making our roofs better than they were before the storm.”

Director of Facilities for a large Property Management Company

“The team at R & A Contracting responded immediately when notified of our water disaster. They removed water-damaged materials and property quickly and restored our home even before the final settlement from our insurance company. They minimized how long our family had to live in a hotel and got us back to normal as fast as possible.”

Will from O'Fallon, MO